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1. Thank you to all
[26.08.2006 17:37 - Andrew] Thank you for the dedication and support of Kym, Peter, Denise and all the students at Soma-Kai, you have all guided and helped my family and I start on a new journey in life. I am truly greatful.

2. Praise
[22.09.2005 11:25 - Morgan] Thank you to all of those students and teachers who take the time to make sure i get everything correct. Being a sempai myself now, i understand how hard it can become sometimes but i enjoy my time at Soma-Kai. Thank You All.

3. Thank You
[24.01.2005 14:29 - Morgan] Hi Shodai Kym and Peter. I would just like to thank you very much on helping me to achieve my black belt and that I look forward to training in the senior classes.

4. Professional school
[04.11.2004 21:59 - Scott] Hello Shodai Peter & Kim learning martial arts else where for 6 years gave me an insight but not the answers i was looking for in karate.Training over the last 2 weeks has already answered some of those questions and i look forward to training and learning from 2 very professional instuctors at Soma Kai and there students,could you please send me some passwords for the syllabus requirements thanks Scott.

5. Go Cats
[18.05.2004 13:51 - Karl] Great site hopefully I can add some words of wisdom? "Yesterday is history Tommorow is a mystery Today is a gift thats why they call it the PRESENT?" ps can you forward to me some passwords for the syllabus cheers Karl

6. Password
[22.03.2004 16:54 - Megan] Hi Peter and Kim I need a password to access the yellow belt syllabus please Also i was discussing karate with a few friends the other night and it turns out that my friend Laura used to be taught by you years and years ago when you held classes in a high school gym. Small world!

7. huge hello
[29.02.2004 10:22 - Tiffany Gunning] Just had to say huge hello to Kim and Peter. I was touching up my resume and came across my Soma Kai history and got all misty and wondered if you guys had a web site. How impressed am I! This is a fantastic tribute to all your efforts over the years. I will make a point of visiting the Belmont Dojo in the next couple of weeks to say hi in person. Tiffany Gunning

8. Starting
[03.01.2004 21:51 - Morgan] HaPpY nEw YeAr!!! when do we start back?

9. thank you
[21.10.2003 18:45 - Meagan] thank you i got my sylabus and am greatly appreciative

10. tHe MiSsInG DoLlAr
[10.10.2003 09:49 - MoRgAn] where did the one dollar go????? Shodais note - You will have to see me at class for the answer.

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