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Trophy Room

NAS Geelong Round 2
Results PDF file.

NAS Australian Champions

Six SOMA-KAI juniors won the Demonstration Division of the Australian National All Styles tournament held at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre in September 2002.

Kevin Davison, Nathan Smith, Mitchel Cernjavic, Stacey Hayman, Morgan Votava and Marcus Groves made up the team which gave a demonstration involving rolls, breakfalls, throws, takedowns and weaponry. 

The group wowed the crowd and judges by not only rolling over each other but rolling between each others legs.  The students also showed defences against attacks not only from puches, kicks and holds but also from weapons such as the Jo (3ft stick) and the Nunchaku. At times the students defended themselves by using locks and throws.  The grand finish was watching the youngest and smallest of the group - Marcus Groves, age 7 - dive roll over the other five students.

A truly inspiring and entertaining display of martial arts techniques and team work.  Well done to them all.


Australian Federation of Brasilian Ju jitsu
As affilliate members of the AFBJJ our students are eligible to enter the AFBJJ tournaments eld throughout the year. A number of students entered these tournaments. Numerous medals have been won but what really remains with us are our memories of the friendships we have made throughout the experience.
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