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Fee Structure
Find out why we are cheaper!
Many martial art clubs have hidden cost and contracts. We don't. We explain all our fees up front. You will see how we offer a quality service for a cheaper rate than our major competitors.

Registration Fee

Soma-Kai has a once only registration fee, most clubs have an annual fee.  This fee is $33 (GST inclusive) per person and is generally paid prior to the first grading being attempted.  There are no family discounts for this fee and it can be paid off in installments by arrangement.

Training Fees

Juniors - One hour class

Casual one student $5.50 per session
two students $8.80 per session
three or more students $11.00 per session


Seniors - Two hour class

Casual one student $7.00 per session
two students $11.20 per session
three or more students $15.00 per session

Monthly one student $42.00 per month
Maximum 5 two students $67.20 per month
Classes per week three or more students $84.00 per month


Combination - Mixture of Junior and Senior students training

Casual two students $10.50 per session
three students $14.00 per session

Other combinations are available on request. 

All fees are GST inclustive.

Grading Fees

All full gradings are $33 (GST inclusive).  Gradings are only held 3 times per year and family discounts apply.  The second member of a family receives their grading for $16.50 and the third member for $8.25.

Minimum time requirements apply for certain grading periods as the students make their way higher in the belt system.

Many clubs build their grading fees into their training fees and therefore you are paying whether you grade or not. 

Be sure you add it all up at the beginning. 

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle

Find out why we are cheaper! 

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